Do you have rail transload facilities?

Every location has the ability to move the product from the rail car to the trailer in a timely and safe manner. 

Do you have a CAGE CODE for government contracts?

Yes, the CAGE CODE for Interstate Cold Storage is 3LMTO.

Will I talk to a person when I call?

Yes.  Our phones are always answered live by a courteous and experienced customer sales representative.

Do you offer short term storage?

Yes.  Often we receive product from customers who have short term storage needs due to a variety of unexpected causes.  Most utilize our warehouse and re-delivery service. 

Do you have product recall ability?

Product recall procedures are in place and mock recall drills are conducted on a regular basis.  Such recalls may be initiated by our customers or by Interstate Cold Storage.

Does Interstate Cold Storage participate with trade associations?

For many years, Interstate Cold Storage has maintained memberships in the leading industry trade associations.  These associations include IARW, WFLO, AFFI, WERC, and NFRA. 

Do you offer USDA services?

All locations offer voluntary USDA services.  Some of these services are import, export, grading or inspection. 

Do you offer tempering services?

Whether product is tempered in our tempering rooms or by using our new tempering units, we can customize our process to give you the product you want, when you want it.

Does Interstate Cold Storage have EDI and Internet capability?

Our ability to communicate with real time information has allowed us to maintain the flow of data with many of the major firms in North America.  Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables Interstate Cold Storage to keep up with the growing demands of the industry.  Customers may also access their activity at our facilities in real time via the Internet. 

How do you accommodate seasonal customers?

We have several seasonal customers that require considerable storage space and services for a short period of time and we’ve become very efficient in handling this type of need. 

Can you handle emergency situations with a short lead time?

With many years of service to our customers, we fully understand the need to take care of the last minute shipments.  Whether it requires extra warehouse or transportation services, we do everything possible to “make it happen.” 

How do you handle after hours shipping and receiving?

Interstate Cold Storage makes shipping and receiving available around the clock, 365 days per year.  With reasonable notice, we can accommodate most any shipping and receiving request.  Please note that additional charges may apply and appointments must be booked with our office staff during normal business hours. 

Do you use 3rd party sanitation audits?

Interstate Cold Storage requires regular unannounced sanitation inspections by the American Sanitation Institute (ASI).  Our facilities are consistently awarded with excellent sanitation ratings. 

What are your shipping and receiving hours?

Specific hours may vary by location, but generally speaking, shipping and receiving takes place Mon – Fri from 7:00am – 5:00pm local time.  Appointments are required for most shipments.

Do you use slip sheets?

Each facility has the special material handling equipment that is needed for the many different loading/unloading functions used in our industry.