The Best Practices for Managing Food Cold Chain Logistics

Food cold chain logistics is a complicated process. Inconsistencies that occur in the cold chain logistic are the leading cause of drug and food spoilage. The complexity is mainly because a cold chain should maintain a specified refrigeration temperature in the entire storage and distribution period to ensure the quality is maintained until the goods reach their destination.
A slight change in temperature during transportation can compromise the foods. Considering that the cold chain is the most efficient mechanism to avoid losses when transporting perishable foods, it's good to get acquainted with the following practices to assist you in managing it appropriately.

Shipment Preparation

Various products have distinct biological characteristics. It is essential to comprehend these characteristics to identify the most suitable packaging requirements and temperature range.  All excellent chains maintain a specified level of temperature. Consequently, taking time to identify the most appropriate cooling system is essential.

Settling for a Good Choice of Packaging

Packaging can either be passive or active. Passive packaging uses conventional packages that involve ice to maintain the appropriate temperature. On the other hand, active packaging uses thermostatic control and energy source. Analyze the two and settle for the best depending on your budgets, risks, and benefits of each.
Food Cold Chain Logistics

Use Specialized Food Cold Chain Logistics Networks

The most effective practice to maintain the cold chain is working with specialized cold chain networks like Interstate Cold Storage. Such a network will ensure the maintenance of ideal temperature while transporting and in the warehouse storage. Ultimately, your food products will be safe and be of quality, even when there are delays.
Transporting foods through cold chains requires following specified procedures and policies. We have been providing food cold chain services for over thirty years. Consequently, we are familiar with strategies to maintain your perishable goods in good condition. Contact us today in case you require food colds chain services.

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