Interstate Cold Storage: Cold Storage and Distribution Services

Distribution services and cold storage. Interstate Cold Storage was founded in 1973 and has registered headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN. It is a family-owned company offering customer-centered cold storage services. Additionally, the company offers other services to establish itself as a strong link within the cold chain.

 Interstate Cold Storage employs the latest technology to deliver reliable and secure services. From warehouse surveillance to electronic data exchange, to third party security, fire and temperature monitoring, their services are exceptional.

 Interstate Cold Storage has a long tenured staff of cold storage professionals to ensure quality services. The company has experts from the cold storage industry to the food and logistics industries.

Interstate Cold Storage Services

Distribution Services

1.   Temporary Cold Storage

Localized and temporary cold storage services are convenient for suppliers. Interstate Cold Storage offers quick temporary cold storage solutions to set your recovery order up for success.

In partnership with Polar Leasing Company Inc., they offer off-site, cold storage services.

2.   USDA Related Services

Interstate Cold Storage works with the United States Department of Agriculture and its inspectors to bring their services to every warehouse.

3.   Quick Freezing/Tempering services

Interstate cold storage uses an internally developed process to reduce freezing and tempering times by 350%. It offers flexibility in planning and modifying customer schedules.

4.    Cold Storage and Distribution Services

Interstate Cold Storage commits to providing cost-effective, reliable, and secure cold storage services across its five facilities. They use ammonia refrigeration systems incorporated with the latest technology in all their facilities.

Interstate Cold Storage Facilities Locations

  1. Columbus I: 4350 Roberts Road. 4322 Columbus, Ohio.
  2. Columbus II: 2400 Setterlin Dr. 43228 Columbus, Ohio.
  3. Napoleon: 1 Interstate Dr. 43545 Napoleon, Ohio.
  4. Fort Wayne East: 7725 Nelson Road. 46803 Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  5. Fort Wayne West: 6606 Lincoln Parking. 46804, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

ICS Cold Storage and Distribution Services

Strategically located facilities across the Midwest have made us a leader in Cold Storage, distribution, and shipping services. Contact us today to request a quote.

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