Interstate Cold Storage Fort Wayne West Location

Embark on a journey of excellence with Interstate Cold Storage, a leading cold storage warehousing company boasting an impressive 22 million cubic feet of refrigerated space. In this location spotlight, we will highlight our Fort Wayne West cold storage warehouse. Our unwavering commitment to storing and distributing food items across the Midwest has solidified our position as a premier player in the industry. Specializing in preserving perishable food items destined for local grocery stores, Interstate Cold Storage takes pride in its role as a family-owned business.

The key to our enduring success and continuous growth lies in our dedication to both customers and employees. At Interstate Cold Storage, we prioritize delivering cost-effective, reliable, and secure cold storage and distribution solutions. Our cutting-edge facilities, equipped with the latest technologies seamlessly integrated with ammonia refrigeration systems, set the standard for modern temperature-controlled storage.

Interstate Cold Storage Fort Wayne West Location

Fort Wayne West

Allow us to shine a spotlight on our Fort Wayne West Cold Storage Facility, strategically located at 6606 Lincoln Pkwy. Here's what sets this facility apart:

  • Storage Temperatures: Ranging from -13°F to 0°F, ensuring optimal conditions for a variety of products.
  • EDI and Customer Internet Access: Providing convenient and efficient communication channels for seamless operations.
  • Fully Racked Warehouse: Maximizing storage capacity and organization for enhanced efficiency.
  • Quick Freezing Facilities: Capable of processing up to an impressive 250,000 pounds per day, catering to time-sensitive requirements.
  • Re-circulated Ammonia Refrigeration System: Utilizing advanced technology for reliable and eco-friendly temperature control.
  • Convertible Rooms: Offering flexibility to adapt to changing storage needs effortlessly.
  • Single-story Reinforced Concrete and Steel Panel Construction: Ensuring durability and structural integrity.

Interstate Cold Storage's Fort Wayne West facility embodies our commitment to excellence in every aspect. From cutting-edge technology to versatile storage options, we provide a comprehensive solution for all your cold storage and distribution needs. Experience the pinnacle of service with Interstate Cold Storage – where innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction converge.

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