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What are the things you look for when you work with a cold storage company? Basically, you want to make sure that the food products you're making reach your consumers intact and that they are as healthy as possible, despite the time lag between production and consumption.

Storage, Transportation and Packing

This can be done in a variety of ways—by freezing, cooling, dry storage, quick-freezing, etc.  A good transportation system can also play a big role. Plus, you want to work with a company that makes your job as easy as possible by taking care of the packing and labeling. These are all facilities that you can take advantage of when you store your food with Interstate cold storage.

Interstate Cold Storage Facilities

It helps that we have a number of cold storage facilities in different locations such as Columbus OH, Fort Wayne IN, and Napoleon OH. So no matter where your food manufacturing takes place in the Midwest, we'll have a location that's close to you. If you need to lease a cold storage rental unit rather than storing your goods in our storage facility, we can also arrange for that.

Cold Storage

Convenience, Security, USDA Requirements

Overall, you'll find that working with Interstate Cold Storage will simplify your work a great deal. We can take care of delivery, stretch wrapping, labeling, and stamping. Plus, our security and surveillance system is also state of the art. And if you're planning to export your products, we'll take care of the USDA requirements for doing so.

Reports, Receipts, Notices, Orders, Invoices

Our online system will help you to generate inventory reports that can help you to make business planning decisions for the future. Plus, you can also generate e-copies of all your receipts, notices, orders, etc. This means no more searching for lost paper invoices; you'll always have an e-copy that you can refer to.

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