What Are The “Links” Making Up the Food Cold Chain?

What Are The “Links” Making Up the Food Cold Chain?  If you've ever seen a chain closely, then you know that it consists of metal links which are intertwined with each other. If even one of these links breaks, then the chain breaks down and can't be used.
The same is true of the food cold chain. The process by which the food gets from the producer to the consumer is composed of several "links." These links may be frozen food warehouses, train carriages with a freezing capability, trucks with freezing capability, supermarkets with freezers, etc. If even one of these links breaks down, then the chain breaks down too.

The "Links" in the Food Cold Chain

The way in which the food is transported depends on where it is being produced and where it's being sold. So it might start by being trucked to a warehouse, then stored there for a few days, then taken by train to a certain location and then again by truck to its destination. Or it might be transported only by truck or only by train. It all depends on the demand for that product and whether it needs to be transported right away or after some time.
Food Cold Chain
In each case, the chain needs to be invoked to make sure that the food stays in good condition. Without it, it would be very difficult for consumers to have access to all the goods that they have access to today.

Helping Producers and Consumers

We take it for granted that when we go to the supermarket, we are going to be able to find a variety of fresh foods and vegetables, meats, cheeses, milk, and dry goods. But we never stop to think about what things would be like without the cold chain which provides an invaluable service for both, producers as well as consumers.
Without the food cold chain, we would be limited to only the foods that are available in the surrounding areas and we would have to consume those foods right away so that they don't get spoilt. Plus, the food cold chain makes sure that producers are able to sell their goods to a wide variety of consumers as well, who live all over the country.
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