At Interstate Cold Storage, our goal is to provide you with cost effective, reliable and secure cold storage and distribution solutions. That's why we offer you cold storage warehouse facilities with the latest technologies in temperature control and data interchange.
In all five of our cold storage warehouse locations, we implement a quick freeze and tempering process like no other on the market today. Our cold storage warehouse facilities feature this process in which freezing and tempering times can be reduced by as much as 350%, when compared alternative solutions. With faster turnaround, forecasting becomes a much simpler task on your end, allowing for better customer service and profitability.
In terms of transportation, at our cold storage warehouse facilities we utilize our own fleet of trucks in cooperation with a network of refrigerated carriers meeting our own exacting standards. As a part of our distribution services, pick-up and delivery of TL and LTL shipments are included. In addition to our standard services, we will be most obliged to meet any specific needs you may have in terms of customized freight services. In essence, Interstate Cold Storage is the perfect cold storage warehouse solution for almost any need.

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