Interstate Cold Storage Enhances Efficiency with New Equipment

New equipment purchase for ICS. Interstate Cold Storage (ICS), a premier provider of temperature-controlled warehousing solutions, is taking a substantial step to enhance operational efficiency by integrating two state-of-the-art reach trucks into its Columbus II facility in Columbus, Ohio. According to Charles Betts, ICS national sales manager, these new additions will streamline and optimize warehousing and logistics processes.

Interstate Cold Storage Enhances Warehouse Efficiency with New Equipment Investment

Betts says, "At Interstate Cold Storage, our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement is the driving force behind our progress. This latest investment serves as a testament to our dedication. These new reach trucks not only expedite pallet movement, greatly improving overall efficiency, but also contribute to a safer workplace for our valued employees." Betts notes that the reach trucks are now operational and already delivering tangible improvements at the Columbus II facility.

New Equipment

In addition to the Columbus II location on Setterlin Drive, ICS operates another Columbus facility on Roberts Road, in addition to a warehouse in Napoleon, Ohio, and two facilities in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

With five locations throughout the Midwest, ICS offers more than 21.4 million ft3 in cold storage solutions. The company’s services include cold storage, temporary storage, quick-freezing, space-guarantee programs, and more – including rail access.

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About Interstate Cold Storage

Established in 1973, Interstate Cold Storage is a leader in cold storage facilities, shipping and distribution, with a network of facilities strategically located across the Midwest. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, ICS is a family-owned company with five locations and nearly 22 million cubic feet of refrigerated space. According to the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses, ICS is a top 20 North American refrigerated warehousing company. The facility network currently supports temperature ranges from -15°F to 35°F with multi-room, multi-temp offerings. Interstate Cold Storage is a subsidiary of the Tippmann Affiliated Group and has two facilities in Columbus, OH; one in Napoleon, OH; and two in Fort Wayne, IN. For more information, call (855) 928-3973 or visit

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