Get Your Customers Their Perishables: Frozen Food Storage Solutions

Get Your Customers Their Perishables: Frozen Food Storage Solutions. Many foods lose all value if they are not kept frozen until the end-user gets it. Products like this that defrosts and then refreezes change texture and taste, and pathogens and mold start growing all over the place when they get warm.
Refreezing or defrosting in storage also changes the appearance of food and the containers it comes in. It creates water stains on boxes that raise people's suspicions. The food items slip around and go limp. This makes food look unappetizing, which detracts a great deal from the experience of eating.
Companies cannot afford this. Not only do you waste product, but your customers tell everyone about their unfortunate food. Fortunately, there are services that will prevent this.

Temporary Cold Storage Units

When you miss your delivery date or have to hang onto something for some time, a refrigerated miniature warehouse can hold your food products at the right temperature until they are ready to go to the receiver.
These should:

  • look professional, well-lit, and clean
  • meet or exceed OSHA and Health Department requirements
  • come in the size you need
  • fit where you store your food off-site

Frozen Food

Long-Term Storage Places For Frozen Food

We all need to hold onto food products for a while, which is why cold warehouses exist. You can't simply toss food into a cold, empty room, however. Food needs shrink wrapping, labeling, and stamping so that it will be clean and usable when it comes out of storage. It also helps it the warehouse has :

  • a freezer section separate from the refrigerated section
  • cross-docking services
  • packaging services
  • pick-and-pack services

Quick Freezing

Over a century ago, people discovered that freezing something quickly preserves food better, both by combating pathogens and by keeping the appearance of food fresh. It can get technically difficult to do, especially if you have to quick-freeze in bulk, but it saves you a lot of hassle when it comes to storing and delivering food. It prolongs shelf-life so you aren't shipping out replacements, and it makes storage efficient as you don't have to wait for something to reach the right temperature before you sling it onto the refrigerated truck. Fortunately, this service can be provided by a warehouse.
Interstate Cold Storage understands your situation and has developed services to ensure the safe delivery of your food products. For more information, contact us.

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