Interstate Cold Storage Security and Surveillance

Interstate Cold Storage understands that food safety is a major concern in today’s supply chain and it’s something we take very seriously. Our facilities are monitored with an IP-based surveillance system and can be accessed by authorized staff from anywhere in the world. All Interstate warehouse locations are also monitored by a third-party agency for burglary, temperature sustainment, ammonia, and fire.

Cold Storage Security Measures

  • Controlled and Limited Facility Access
  • Completed Trailer Inspections In and Out
  • Secure Protected Networks
  • Employee Background Checks

Internal Security Monitoring System

Further security measures are taken with an internal monitoring system that serves as a backup through our centralized network. This redundancy further protects against those items being monitored by our third-party agent. In the unlikely event an issue arises, Interstate follows a very detailed corrective action protocol.


Cold Storage and Distribution Services

Our five USDA-registered locations serve companies nationwide. With top-of-the-line technologies, streamlined processes, and modern, well-maintained facilities, Interstate Cold Storage provides the best cold storage and distribution services for your business.

Each facility has its own independent Warehouse Security Plan, which is rehearsed several times each year during unannounced drills. To ensure all regulatory requirements are met, all Interstate Cold Storage facilities are government inspected and reviewed by a third-party audit team.

About Interstate Cold Storage

Interstate Cold Storage is a leader in cold storage, shipping, and distribution, with a network of facilities strategically located across the Midwest. For over 40 years, the family-owned company has been committed to providing cost-effective refrigerated services as well as outstanding customer service and logistical support to carriers. Among IARW members, Interstate Cold Storage ranks among the largest 25 public cold storage warehousing companies in North America, with five locations and nearly 22 million cubic feet of refrigerated space. Qualified staff and modern facilities enable us to handle all your needs, from standard warehousing to the most extensive and customized long-term storage programs. Our multiroom locations comprise a network offering temperature ranges from -13°F to +35°F, providing the flexibility of multiple rooms and set points to accommodate your specific needs.

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