Security Measures and Cold Storage Security

Operating and maintaining a temperature-controlled storage area is critical to many operations. When it comes to food product logistics, the need for climate-controlled areas to suit temperature-sensitive and frozen goods is non-negotiable. Cold storage security is vital for several core reasons, including ensuring the stability of stored samples as well as protecting contents against physical access by unauthorized parties.

Cold Storage Security

Interstate Cold Storage understands that food and other products' safety is a major concern in today's supply chain and it's something we take very seriously. Our distribution capabilities enable us to protect your products from the time they reach our refrigerated loading docks until we deliver them to your customers. Kindly read on to understand the importance of cold storage security and how Interstate Cold Storage can help.

Diversified Uses of Cold Storage Security

Cold Storage Security
Cold storage areas are usually temperature adjustable. They can be used for different functions via adjusting the temperature to change from a drying room to help control the moisture content of your products. This keeps your products secure from spoiling and gets them to the customers fresh and safe. Interstate Cold Storage units are usually airtight, which helps to protect your products from extreme temperatures and weather changes outside the unit.

Ensures Stability of Stored Products

Cold storage security ensures the stability of stored products by protecting the contents against physical access by unauthorized parties. Even when samples are stored, security is important in ensuring consistent experimental outcomes. For instance, wrongly stored reagents or cell lines could lead to reduced viability of obtained results. Interstate Cold Storage ensures that your samples are well stored and safely delivered to avoid extended project times or increased costs.

Dependability and Reliability

Interstate Cold Storage provides packaging, quick freezing, labeling, and stamping services for your products to ensure they are completely secure. These services essentially depend on what you need. We also have qualified staff and security personnel that ensure no harm comes to your products while they are in storage. Our warehouses usually provide temperatures from -15 degrees Fahrenheit to +60 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can freely request specific optimum temperatures for your products.
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