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At Interstate Cold Storage, we’re dedicated to providing cost-effective, reliable, and secure cold storage warehousing and distribution solutions, using a bulk cold storage model that provides faster inbound and outbound processing to support the needs of manufacturers.

As a family-owned business, we take pride in being true partners to you, our customers, and put high value in providing excellent service. Our five modern temperature-controlled and fully racked cold storage facilities are also equipped with the latest technologies to support our ammonia refrigeration systems.
Cold Storage Warehouse

Rail Access

Because rail can move a high volume of product in a single load, rail transportation can offer significant savings over shipment by truck to many destinations.

Managing the Coordination of Your Shipment

At Interstate Cold Storage, our rail spurs can handle both standard 50-ft rail cars and newer “Super Cars” with loads up to 165,000 lbs. (4 truckloads) of product. Our customer service representatives work closely with Western, Genesee, Wyoming CFE, Maumee, CSX Corporation and local freight yards, so we can better manage the coordination of product loading/unloading and scheduling of your rail shipments. Most modern refrigerated cars are monitored via satellite for temperature accuracy, fuel-level tracking, and general maintenance, so you can rest assured that your product is well taken care of.

Not only is shipping by rail often a great decision from an economic perspective, but it also contributes to lessening the burden on our already crowded US interstate system. See our locations page for information about specific facilities.


Available at all five locations.
At Interstate Cold Storage, Inc., we’ve developed new food tempering and quick-freezing solutions. Using a proprietary process, we can reduce food tempering and freezing times by as much as 350%.
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Need flexibility for more accurate distribution forecasting and on-time delivery? Our food tempering capabilities and quick-freezing solutions may be just what you’re looking for. With requests as small as one pallet, your product can be frozen and shipped quickly. Tempered product can be safely brought back to temperature and ready for shipment in just a few days, rather than weeks.

We carefully monitor the progress throughout the process to safeguard product integrity according to guidelines that you set. We also take regular manual and electric temperature readings.

Quick Freezing Solutions

  • Freeze times as short as 24 hours
  • Fast turnaround for customer shipment
  • Increased quality assurance
  • Manufacturing flexibility and savings
  • Lower long-term storage costs
  • Food tempering
  • Fast response
  • Flexibility in logistics
  • Retained product integrity
  • No bulk thawing for on-demand orders
  • Only one truckload required


  • Faster response
  • Flexibility in logistics
  • Retain product integrity
  • On demand orders do not require bulk thawing
  • Only one truckload required

USDA inspection services

Interstate Cold Storage works closely with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and its inspectors.


Our services include off site freezing, grading services, scheduling inspectors for the stamping and approval of export products, completing required documents for import and export, and loading/sealing export containers for truck or rail shipments.


Interstate can also provide the necessary equipment and labor to floor load or slip sheet containers.

Each warehouse location has facilities for USDA inspectors, including a meat inspection room, office, and storage for utensils required for inspection.

Other Services

Re-packing - Slip Sheeting - Import/Export - Rail Transloading - Cross Docking - Stretch Wrapping - Spacer Insert/Removal - Labeling & Stamping - Multi Room / Multi Temp Storage - Room Leases - Seasonal Programs - Freight Consolidation - Vendor Consolidation - Overflow Warehousing - Direct-to-Customer FTL Shipping


Looking for a cold storage facility committed to providing you with excellent customer service? Contact Interstate Cold Storage today, and find out how seamlessly our services can integrate into your process.
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