Interstate Cold Storage, Inc. introduces new services in quick-freezing and tempering. Using a proprietary process, developed by Interstate Cold Storage, freezing and tempering times can be reduced by as much as 350%.

As greater importance is placed on distribution forecasting and on time delivery, our quick-freezing and tempering capabilities offer remarkable flexibility in planning and modifying your needs. With requests as small as one pallet, your product can be frozen and shipped quickly. Tempered product can be safely brought back to temperature and ready for shipment in days, not weeks.

Product integrity is never compromised, as everything is monitored throughout the process by guidelines you set. Manual and electric temperature readings are taken on a consistent basis throughout the process too.

Tempering and quick-freezing services are available at all five Interstate Cold Storage locations.


Quick-Freezing Services


  • Freeze times in as little as 24-hours
  • Faster turn around for customer shipment
  • Increased quality assurance
  • Provides flexibility and savings in manufacturing
  • Reduces long term storage costs




  • Faster response
  • Flexibility in logistics
  • Retain product integrity
  • On demand orders do not require bulk thawing
  • Only one truckload required