Understanding the Benefits of Interstate Cold Storage Services

Understanding the Benefits of Interstate Cold Storage Services
With the advent of modern technology, it has become possible for consumers everywhere to eat food grown in different areas and not just locally. This makes it possible to eat fruits and vegetables grown in different parts of the country as well as meat which is farmed in a different area.

Advantages of Cold Storage Services

The main thing which makes it possible to benefit from a more varied diet is cold storage. By making use of cold storage services to keep fruits, vegetables, and meat fresh for longer periods of time, companies can provide the end-user with a healthier, more varied diet. Plus, it also helps these companies to reach consumers that they may not have been able to reach before.
Interstate Cold Storage

Services Provided

Cold storage service is a blanket term that includes many different services.

  • Temporary Storage: Not only do you get to store your goods in a cold storage service facility but, if needed, you can also rent a temporary cold storage warehouse that exceeds health department and OSHA standards and can be placed on any stable surface. These temporary warehouses have excellent lighting and an interior safety release handle.
  • Import/Export: Your cold storage facility will also work with the USDA i.e., the U.S. Department of Agriculture. So if you are exporting or importing any products, they'll get the USDA inspector to come in, stamp, and approve of these products. They'll also get all the necessary forms/documents filled out and load and fill the export containers.
  • Quick Freezing/Tempering: Your cold storage facility will also help you with the quick freezing and tempering of various products. This process saves time and does not damage the structure of the food.
  • Miscellaneous: Your cold storage facility can help you with packaging, door-to-door delivery, stretch wrapping, labeling, and stamping. You will get cooler storage, freezer storage, and dry storage as well as office space if you are in need of it.
  • Railway Access: Your cold storage service will provide you with railway access through rail spurs—secondary railway lines which make it easier to load and unload products. Using trains to transfer your food products can be helpful because it is cheaper than using trucks and fuel-saving, as a number of cars of products can be moved at the same time.

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