The Best Way to Properly Store Wings and Ribs

Whether you're a meat smoker or fried chicken lover, chances are you have a freezer full of wings and ribs that you have no idea how to store properly. Well, we are here for you. The USDA recommends storing raw meat in its original packaging if you're not going to use it within two days. However, if you can't eat the food in its original packaging within a short time frame, here are some tips for safe freezing of your meat.

Use the Right Container to Store the Ribs and Wings

In order to avoid contaminating your ribs and chicken wings, it's advisable to store them in a fridge using the original container you purchased them in. But if you want to store them almost indefinitely without losing their flavor and moisture, you need to repackage and freeze them.

According to FDA, the best way to do this is by using vacuum sealing. A vacuum sealing removes air from your airtight plastic container or plastic wrap, and heat seals its edges. This protects the wings and ribs from freezer burns.

Quick Freeze the Wings and Ribs

Every time food is frozen, the water in its cells freezes and expands. The size of the ice crystals created by the frozen water significantly affects the food's original texture during defrosting.

In order to prevent cell rapture and texture change, meat needs to be quick-frozen. During quick freezing, the meat's temperature is lowered to - 0° F (-18° C) within a span of 30 minutes.

Wings and ribs

Maintain the Right Freezing Temperature

Freezing ribs and chicken wings below - 0° F (-18° C) can preserve them almost indefinitely. However, their quality and taste will deteriorate with time. The FDA recommends thawing chicken breasts after they have been frozen for nine months and beef meat after it's frozen for 2 months, then cooked within 24 hours of thawing. If you consume them within this timeframe, their quality will not deteriorate.

Pick the Right Freezing Facility for Your Long-term Storage

If you're freezing meat for long-term storage and in bulk, make sure that you choose the right freezing facility. At Interstate Cold Storage, we have 22 million cubic feet of storage space that is safe, reliable, and cost-effective.

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