AS2 Protocol

AS2 Protocol

AS2 Protocol refers to security protocols used for sending secure data via the Internet. This type of file transport is encrypted and is supported by EDI. The use of AS2 Protocol eliminates the need for a Value Added Network (VAN), as well as its associated costs. This type of connectivity is achieved as permissions are granted through Interstate Cold Storage firewalls, allowing for direct connections to and from our system and the customer.

The long term benefit is using AS2 is the reduction or elimination of traditional communication costs associated with VAN’s. AS2 also grants much quicker turnaround for business transactions, as compared to traditional EDI data that’s batched processed and then transmitted as groups throughout the day.
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Real-Time Online Inventory Tracking

We understand what it means to you to have a real time look at inventory and inbound/outbound freight. To provide you a reliable and accurate look inside the warehouse, we use Accellos One 3PL, along with web portal access for real time inventory. As with all Interstate networks, this is a safe and secure connection.

Generate Customized Reports

By simply connecting to the Internet, users can generate their own customized reports to help make planning decisions, manage inventory levels and increase efficiencies. These reports can be downloaded in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel, .csv format or a simple PDF file. Each of these reports can be scheduled by the user and outputted with virtually unlimited criteria. Information can also be shared with other members of your team, should you wish to allow additional permissions to your account.

Security & Surveillance

Interstate Cold Storage understands that food safety is a major concern in today’s supply chain and it’s something we take very seriously. Our facilities are monitored with an IP based surveillance system and can be accessed by authorized staff from anywhere in the world. All Interstate warehouse locations are also monitored by a third party agency for burglary, temperature sustainment, ammonia and fire.

Cold Storage Security Measures

Controlled and Limited Facility Access
Completed Trailer Inspections In and Out
Secure Protected Networks
Employee Background Checks

Further security measures are taken with an internal monitoring system that serves as a back-up through our centralized network. This redundancy further protects against those items being monitored by our third party agent. In the unlikely event an issue arises, Interstate follows a very detailed corrective action protocol.

Each facility has its own independent Warehouse Security Plan, which is rehearsed several times each year during unannounced drills.

To ensure all regulatory requirements are met, all Interstate Cold Storage facilities are government inspected and reviewed by a third party audit team.
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RF Barcode Scanning

Real-Time Data
Interstate Cold Storage understands the fast pace of today’s supply chain and the demand for real time data, which is why we continually invest and update our information technology systems to include the most modern solutions for data collection and transmission. Every Interstate location offers RF scanning to assure accurate, up to date information.
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RF Bar Code Scanning
Interstate Cold Storage was among the first in any industry to create a paperless environment; well ahead of today’s green initiatives. It is our belief that a paperless environment creates an atmosphere for productive and accurate work, by eliminating the distractions caused by clutter and chaos.

Electronic data collection is just one way Interstate demonstrates its commitment to customer service and the environment.
  • Reduces Shipping and Receiving Errors
  • Captures Data in Real Time
  • Improves Efficiencies
  • Reduces Labor Costs
  • Allows Pallet Specific Tracking
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