Restocking and Reworking Loads: Interstate Cold Storage

Warehouses have traditionally supported the carrier market by taking in loads for short-term storage (due to a missed inbound appointment elsewhere), restacking shifted loads, and cross-docking products where a driver is running out of hours and another driver will complete the route. However, these services became more challenging to perform in recent years.

Restocking and Reworking Loads

Between shippers releasing drivers later than forecasted, more drivers running out of hours, and many receivers tightening up their accepted delivery windows. The covid pandemic strained the carrier market performance as well as warehousing support for drivers with stranded or shifted loads.

Interstate Cold Storage gets many requests for restocking and reworking loads weekly, and we do our best to support the drivers and carrier market where we can. But this year has been very robust in Q2 for inbound deliveries- often with no open times on the schedule to re-workloads. Our team does a great job in communicating the need, as well as looping in other facilities that might have the capacity to assist. We believe the market will eventually recover, and we want to continue our support of truckers as it wholistically assists the entire supply chain.

Restocking and Reworking Loads

About Interstate Cold Storage

Interstate Cold Storage is a leader in cold storage, shipping, and distribution, with a network of facilities strategically located across the Midwest. For over 40 years, the family-owned company has been committed to providing cost-effective refrigerated services as well as outstanding customer service and logistical support to carriers. Among IARW members, Interstate Cold Storage ranks among the largest 25 public cold storage warehousing companies in North America, with five locations and nearly 22 million cubic feet of refrigerated space. Qualified staff and modern facilities enable us to handle all your needs, from standard warehousing to the most extensive and customized long-term storage programs. Our multiroom locations comprise a network offering temperature ranges from -13°F to +35°F, providing the flexibility of multiple rooms and set points to accommodate your specific needs.

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