The Role of the Global Cold Chain in the Local Food Industry

The global cold chain is a necessary part of our lives as it simplifies life through the transportation of food from where it's grown following the various stages until it reaches the consumer. Each food product has its own journey through this supply chain but one main challenge that requires addressing is the appropriate and safe temperature. This is taken care of the cold chain.

Global Cold Chain and Local Food

Here's how this technology contributes to the local food industry.

Reduces Food Losses

Food losses are associated with improper food handling, demand uncertainties, and consumer behavior. However, the global cold chain with its up-to-date technology helps minimize these losses. The cold technology applies to all the processes involved in effective food handling, hauling, and storage to prevent wastage.

Global Cold Chain Modifies Diet

The global cold chain ensures that Americans can stick to their favorite diet without fear of some foods going out of season. This is because distance and seasons are no longer an issue. Fruits, vegetables, meats, and other foods can reach the consumer all through the year; thanks to the cold technology.

Safeguards Food Safety

Food hygiene is an integral part of the food's movement to the consumers. This goes hand in hand with temperature control so that the food remains in good condition. Cold chains help ensure the temperatures are just right for the foods in transit. This in turn means that food is not contaminated by bacteria, which ensures its safety.
Global Cold Chain

Maintains Nutritional Level

Most nutritious foods are highly perishable and therefore require appropriate temperature control to remain fresh and preserve their nutritive value. The global cold chain comes in handy to ensure the food's nutritional level is maintained throughout the many hands it passes before reaching the end-user.
The global cold chain's efficiency, speed, and size enable the consumers to enjoy their food in peace knowing it's safe and nutritious. There's less food wastage and people can maintain their diet all year round.

Interstate Cold Storage Handles Local Food

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