Interstate Cold Storage Truck Turnaround Rate

Truck turnaround rate, or average wait time, is a reflection of a company’s loading and unloading efficiency. Keeping the drivers moving should be a key performance indicator (KPI) of any 3PL cold storage company.

At Interstate Cold Storage, we understand it is extremely important to maintain a high level of efficiency handling inbound and outbound loads. Drivers that are loaded or unloaded inefficiently are essentially losing profit and time. To avoid this situation, we track these turnaround times to not only benefit the driver but to also increase dock effectiveness. 

What Is a Truck Turnaround Rate?

Truck turnaround rate or turnaround time is a key performance indicator that measures the time from Appointment Time to driver release. It also should notate when the driver checks in. This metric measures a company’s dock loading and unloading efficiency and demonstrates how effective the shipping and receiving department is. Ideally, we want to be faster than the industry standard.  

Truck turnaround rate = Appointment time (or driver arrival time, whichever is later) – driver release.

Truck Turnaround Rate

Interstate Cold Storage Reduces Driver Turn Times

Tracking that KPI during the heaviest months puts our finger on the pulse of our building’s health. The industry strives for 2 hours or less average turn time. Interstate Cold Storage facilities’ average door time is between an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and thirty-five minutes. With this reduced turn time, we know our leadership is driving success at each of our facilities.

About Interstate Cold Storage

Established in 1973, Interstate Cold Storage is a leader in cold storage facilities, shipping and distribution, with a network of facilities strategically located across the Midwest. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, ICS is a family-owned company with five locations and nearly 22 million cubic feet of refrigerated space. ICS is a top 20 North American refrigerated warehousing company, according to the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses. The facility network currently supports temperature ranges from -15°F to 35°F with multi-room, multi-temp offerings. Interstate Cold Storage is a subsidiary of the Tippmann Affiliated Group and has two facilities in Columbus, OH; one in Napoleon, OH; and two in Fort Wayne, IN. For more information, call 260-428-2505 or visit

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